i.s.m. Het Nationale Ballet, Capella Amsterdam
dirigent: Matthew Rowe

The Sleeping Beauty

i.s.m Het Nationale Ballet, choreografie: Marius Petipa / productie en regie Sir Peter Wright, dirigent: Ermanno Florio

The Dutch Ballet Orchestra transforms the combination of music and dance into a magical experience: from classical ballet to modern dance and from musical education to the development of young talent. The origins of the Dutch Ballet Orchestra go back to 1965 and it is proud to consider itself the musical-partner of both the Dutch National Ballet and the Netherlands Dance Theatre. The orchestra’s method of working is quite unique: The Ballet Orchestra, with their chief conductor Matthew Rowe, consists of a permanent nucleus of 45 musicians which is augmented, when necessary, by highly qualified guest musicians. This gives the orchestra its unique character, a top orchestra, but unusually flexible and dynamic. The Ballet Orchestra is an orchestra with a mission: it strives to attain the ultimate synergy between music and dance.